City Council Wrap up

Here's what you need to know ahead of the next council meeting

“We have received documentation which in totality concludes the clerk's employment with the city of Trenton and also for litigation.” – City Council appointed attorney, Edward Kologi

In November of 2021 former Trenton City Clerk, Matthew Conlon was accused of sexual assault and the City Council voted to launch an investigation. It was announced at the last council meeting on May 17 that Matthew Conlon’s employment and litigation has concluded.

Major Pointers:

● A resolution was tabled until June 2nd that authorized $1.32 million dollars of American Rescue Act funding to be allocated towards seasonal workers and interns. Councilwoman Robin Vaughn was vocal about her disbelief in using American Rescue Act funding to employ seasonal workers and not full-time employees when the city is severely understaffed.

● A unanimous vote was passed to settle a civil action lawsuit totaling $55,000 to Joshua Gonzalez.

No demolition services were passed by the city council. Some of the properties include vacant buildings at 824 Martin Luther King Jr. BLVD & 135 Second Street. They will remain as is until a further vote.

● There was an ordinance advocating for a pay increase for a city employee and Trenton resident. The proposal was already approved by the state therefore, there was a disappointment from Councilwoman Vaughn and Council President Kathy McBride about the presentation of the ordinance at a council meeting. They felt as if it was an “embarrassment.” This conversation concluded with a request for more information on who in government has the authority to change salaries.

● This is an election year and city residents are very frustrated with the bickering between council members. During the Q&A session, residents were vocal about that.

“I feel like I'm being traumatized… it's too much with the bickering back and forth with your colleagues.” – City Resident

Summary: Per usual, there was a lack of unity between council members. The council is split which hinders progress from occurring. If you are a resident and desire change in your ward, please contact your representative. Advocation from constituents will help the process of addressing the needs of residents. You can tune in to the next city council meeting on June 2nd at 5:30 p.m. using this link or dialing in at +1 609-453-2732, 517211720# United States, Atlantic City Phone Conference ID: 517 211 720#.


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