What’s up with the Sanford Street Demolition? 

We understand at the Trenton Journal that it’s just as important to follow up on a story as it is to initially report on it. In July, we published an article about the demolition of 28 homes on Sanford Street, one of the most blighted blocks in the city. A press conference attended by Mayor Reed Gusciora, City Council members, and administrators, revealed that $560,000 was approved to have the houses demolished and that demolition was to take place in July and would include the neighboring block Middle Rose Street during the second phase of the project. Well, I’ve been by Sanford Street and can confirm that no demolition has taken place since the press conference in July, as it was promised. There also has not been any further communication or information on the renovations, as expected. 

So what happened? We reached out to North Ward Councilwoman, Jennifer Williams, to get an update and was told that the demolition is still happening, albeit delayed:

“I just heard back from the Administration and the Sanford Street demolitions will begin after Labor Day, once already contracted, smaller demolitions are completed. As soon as we get the exact date or more information/anything changes, I (and you) will know right away. Thank you for following up on this important project and story.”

Many of the properties on Sanford Street have been boarded up for years and pose imminent hazards and cannot be stabilized. Demolition will be conducted by Caroll Demolition in Hamilton. In July, Mayor Gusciora said that the demolition process should take a couple of weeks to complete and that City Hall will seek input from the community about the revitalization process once the homes have been demolished. When we spoke to Councilwoman Williams, she assured the Trenton Journal that the residents in the neighborhood would be given adequate notice before the demolition is set to begin.

We will keep you updated on this important project and will continue to follow up with the City if there are any further delays. Don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for news on the capital city and surrounding areas delivered straight to your inbox.


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